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Thank you for your interest in Park Hill Mobile Home Park, a 55 + Adult Community in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Most of our residents here are originally from the northern part of the United States or the southern part of Canada. 

Some of our residents stay here year round and others stay only during the winter months.  They came to Florida to enjoy their retirement years in the mild climate and enjoy the opportunity to fish and enjoy boating and kayaking on Alligator Creek and the numerous activities offered by Park Hill. 

Alligator Creek is a river that flows into Charlotte Harbor leading into the Gulf of Mexico.

Our retirement community was first conceived by a group of business men from Champaign, Ill. who wintered in the area and found both climate and location most desirable.  O.G. Parkhill purchased the “Smith Orange Grove” on Alligator Creek in Dec. 1958.  O.G. and his partners began clearing the land, installed water and sewer lines, built streets and opened the Park for 72 mobile home spaces in 1962.  It continues to grow and we are now at capacity with 176 mobile home permanent sites and 6 RV rental sites.

The original owners sold the park in Dec. of 1982 and it was resold again in Aug. of 1984.  Each time the Park was sold the monthly rental fee increased accordingly.  Following the 2nd sale, the residents knew that if there were additional sales, they would be the ones paying the increased monthly bill.  It was at this time in 1984 that a group of residents decided to buy Park Hill, and after long negotiations the residents finally had full control of their future in the Park. 

We are a Resident Owned Community Park governed by our own By-laws. Each resident site has one vote in the corporation.  Votes are not determined by how many shares of stock a resident site owns. 

All new residents must now purchase a minimum of 5 shares that have a value of $5,000.  You may purchase up to 16 shares with a value of $16,000 and our maintenance fee varies according to shares owned (from $180 to $279 per month).The monthly maintenance fee is determined at the Annual Community Meeting. 

The monthly maintenance fee covers the expenses such as water, sewer, street lighting, streets, clubhouse, mowing of lawns, pool maintenance, and everything else that is part of the operation of Park Hill.  The budget that is voted on at each Annual Meeting (with each unit having one vote) determines how much our monthly maintenance fee will be for the coming year.  It has remained the same for many years. 

If you desire additional information, contact the Park Hill office by clicking the link below.  You may also get in touch with any of our many residents who are very friendly and eager to tell you about “our Little Piece of Paradise”.